Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hoplite part 4

Well this is taking longer than I expected. I keep putting it off because it needs so much work, a vicious cycle of procrastination.

I added putty to the top of the plume to give it some texture, before this it was just smooth flat plastic.

 Next, the inside of the shield has some type of braided rope that goes around the inner circumference of the shield. I anchored small diameter wire to my light and just started braiding it, I hope it looks natural when it's attached to the shield.

 And the biggest set back for me, the feet. The toes were basically one large rectangle of plastic. Between this and not really feeling motivated enough to do a good sculpting job, I barely worked on this kit over the past two months. I know it's probably a simple job, but I want to do it right.


Gryt said...

Feet sound like they'd be a pain to do, but looks like you did a really good job

Publius said...

very well done, man

Pieter said...

That does seem like a really hard job :/ good luck with it!

MRanthrope said...

that is some fine detail there.

sildude said...

I love your hobby.

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