Tuesday, July 19, 2011

M-18 Hellcat Pt 4 - Diorama

Whooo, it's been rough trying to find time to do anything. I did a little (tiny, tiny) bit on the Greek hoplite but don't have the pictures uploaded, I might get around to it tomorrow.

 I built the second tree and as I assumed, two trees on the base is too crowded. I'll have to settle for the best looking tree.

 Since I cut two holes in the grass mat, I wanted to fill it with something. So I put a tree trunk in it's place.  I also prepped the mat some more, needed to flatten the area the wall will go. Looks messy now, but I'm thinking of adding wild flowers or something like that.

 Aaaaaand, here's the wall. It looked better wet. I think it's too grey and doesn't match the rest, will be repainting it.

 I'm starting to think the wall is too big too, I'll probably be cutting it in half when I repaint it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

M-18 Hellcat Pt 3

 Been awhile since last post, been kind of busy. I managed to get the stone wall built up and the two tree's put together. The base seems too crowded so I might end up using just one tree.

 Here's the grass mat, with holes cut for the trees. It's really bare and flat so I need to add more growth and foliage. I used a big ole' cheap paintbrush and cut the bristles off to use as extra grass. It was a mistake to use this particular paintbrush, the bristles are cheap synthetic plastic and black. Made is hard to paint, real hard.

  The wall is made from cork board that I broke apart to the right size with my fingers. Gives it that rough stone look. I built the tree frame from wire, then added some plaster to build it up. On top of that I added some tile grout to the mix and ran a toothbrush over it to create a bark like texture. Dried flowers and herbs were used to create leaves.

 Painted the leaves with an airbrush, greens and yellows and all that.

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