Thursday, May 24, 2012

Some Am blues


 When I think of rhythm guitar I tend not to think of a straight chord sequences. Something like Jimmy Hendrix where it's chaotic but still sounds great. Since I can't play like that I usually don't bother with rhythm and just ignore the straight 4/4 style.

 However, I was going through some papers and saw this sequence. It starts with barre chords and ends with an open E. It's Am, G, F, E. Almost in the style of some Neil Young songs, I think 'Like a Hurricane' has this same pattern. It moves right down the neck then repeats and I just laid some craptastic Am pent scale over it. It's really fun, this is what I prefer to play, I just wish I could do it better.


MRanthrope said...

that was solid. Perfect unwinding type tunes before beginning my long night at work =/

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