Thursday, January 19, 2012

M-18 Hellcat Pt. 5

Hmmm, It's been awhile since the last update on the Hellcat, I think I was about to cut the wall in half and start adding grass and stuff.

 I repainted the wall to look more earthy and added flowers and some yellow stuff that might resemble dandelions. I was hoping for a wild, untamed landscape, maybe a couple goats or sheep roamed around at one point or something.

 Before the wall was cut:

And after the wall is cut:

 And before  I was talking about the base being too crowded on the base, this is what it would look like:

I'm gonna keep the tree on the left, the big bushy one.

 The yellow stuff came from the hobby shop, forgot what it's called but it's like a mesh that you pull apart to determine how thick you want it. The flowers are the...dried flowers I showed a couple posts back. I just snipped the ends off and painted em red or left them purple.


MRanthrope said...

the detail in that rock wall is insane.

Potato said...

It looks really nice, I wish I was that good

J. Antonio said...

A lot of work . Congratulations

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