Monday, February 6, 2012


 Well seems like I got a boost of motivation and this is what happened. I primed the toes I previously sculpted and they looked all flat and gnarled up, they looked horrible. So I really only had one option left: Make new toes! I cut off the old plastic and sculpted new ones from apoxie sculpt.

Toe nails and all. They look rough now but I'll get them smoothed out before I paint. And besides, the feet are gonna be pretty dusty anyways, he just got out of battle! So maybe it won't look so bad.

 The spear broke in half and I couldn't aline it properly so I cut the bladed ends off, drilled some holes so they can be glued to a brass rod I cut to the appropriate length and scuffed up with sandpaper to give it a wooden texture (hopefully).


Anonymous said...

i knew a guy who would build models from scratch-he would buy flat sheets of styrene and make star wars spaceships kinda like paper craft. cool stuff!

Feathers said...

I think it looks great actually.

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