Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What boot? That boot? Oooh! Das Boot!

Yep, look what I bought. It was pretty cheap compared to what it normally sells for and it came with a bonus Photo Etch kit. Score!

 The submarine is 93.3 cm long, which if you're an American like me, means nothing. You might as well say it's as long as 45 turquoise clouds. Kidding of course, it's obviously 36 inches...which I didn't have to sneak to google to figure out...I knew it all along, honest! Really!

                                                                                         That's an American ruler

 There's a lot of railings that I'm sure I'm gonna break. That's ok though, I have a ton of wire to replace 'em. Just not sure if I'm gonna have any place to put this thing once it's done.

 The Hellcat that I've been working is just under six inches, to put the size of this thing in perspective.


Anonymous said...

I loved them when I was younger, but they was alaways to difficult for me!

Anonymous said...

Ugh... just use the fucking metric system, amerifag. <3

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