Sunday, October 7, 2012

Working on a new (old) model, still haven't finished the old

 I had this model that was sort of half-built...kinda, in a sad state of being a twisted hunk of plastic. You've probably seen it in the background of some of my other pictures. Well, I got tired of always moving it around my desk because it was in the way and now that I painted the inside, I'm kinda tired of building it. I think I lost a wheel or two. This is the problem with starting something and never finishing it. It'll be something soon...sometime...It's supposed to be a half-track with a cannon on the top. It'll be sweet if it ever gets finished.

 I had an idea for a diorama: The vehicle sitting in the middle of a small stone bridge, the crew talking to a soldier standing next to it, holding a map. One guy pointing off in the distance. Water gently flowing under the bridge, the banks filled with grass and a bunch of colored flowers, perhaps a goose or a duck flowing with the water. A gentle country side setting, untouched from the war.


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