Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today I started a blog, this is it.

 First blog, don't know what the hell I am doing.

 Maybe I'll show of some of my bad painting jobs. I've been painting plastic models for about six years, on and off. Mainly 1/35 WWII stuff but occasionaly branching out.

 Or maybe my bad guitar playing. I've actually only started eight months so I have an excuse for being bad at it, heh.

 Or we could just talk about movies, bad ones in particular. I love "The Brain That Wouldn't Die".

 For starters I'll show you a statue I remodeled and repainted, here's the story:

 My grandma used to have a booth at a flea market where she would try to sell anything. She would have cheap plastic toys that you find in those super market quarter machines for a couple cents, things like those plastic bright green finger "handcuffs" or a mound of black twisted plastic that is supposed to be batman, sitting right next to a nice fifty dollar craftsman drill.

 One day a booth next to her received a couple Dragon statues so she bought one for me, she usually bought all of us something every now and then, even if it was just a cheap hotwheels coloring book. The dragon was wrapped around a tall mountain like spire, a spiral foot path leading to the top where a clear crystal orb sat. Small doorways all along the edge, she said it reminded her of Lord Of The Rings.

 I picked it up and out pops a knife. That's right, a knife blade is hidden inside the spire, the glass orb portion of it being the handle for the blade. She said she had no idea...my mom wasn't too happy but I was able to keep it. However the statue always looked off to me, it didn't look right, or good enough perhaps.

That's the original. It sat in my room for a couple years before I decided I really wanted to repaint it. It started to look less like a dragon and more like the hyper nerdy outcast from sea serpant school. I'LL TRADE MY JUICEBOX FOR YOUR PENCIL SHARPENER!

 I decided on the classic red and gold scheme but before I painted I needed this thing to look like a real dragon. So some surgery was needed.

I cut down the flaps on the side of his head to make room for horns. His bulging eyes were goughed out, making room for flatter eyes and actual eyelids. His tongue was scraped down so I could add a forked end to it. Other seams and oddities were scraped down or sanded off. The orb was pried off too but some of the handle came off with it, you can see the break line right in the middle. Some putty cleared it up though.

 To attach any of the horns I had to drill a small hole and use a piece of wire to use as an anchor. Otherwise the horns would just be held on with glue, the wire gives a sturdier base for the horns to grab onto.

I bashed up the orb to make it look like a pile of gold and jewels, cause that's what dragons horde!

 That's all for now, I'll try to get the other pictures up soon.


 Added some more pictures:


Bob said...

Nice blog, nice dragons!

Looking forward to hear your guitar playing!

Dvallej said...

i love dragons, how long thoes it takes you to make one?

zemzero said...

Well this is the only one I have and I didn't make the original, just modified it, but still working on it on and off it took a good two or three months to do it all.

Jesse Crows said...

such a beautiful figure!

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